Scientific Software

In the course of my work, I developed some software that may be of use to other researchers:

All of this software was developed for the Linux operating system. Porting it to other Unix variants should be straightforward. This software is free, and licensed using the GPL.

Matlab/Octave code library

Over the years, I have written quite a few functions for Matlab and Octave that others in the lab have found useful. You may find them useful too. The latest release is available on github. If you are using Ubuntu or Debian Linux, you can simply install the “deb” package on that page. Otherwise, please download the latest “zip” or “tar” archive and add the results to your Matlab or Octave search path. In that case, you may have to rerun “mex” on some of the more esoteric functions.

Other software and computer related things

In this space are listed some other bits and pieces that might be of use to others. These have no relation to my scientific work.