Older news

May 2019. The lab is hiring!

Update (August 2019): Both positions have been filled. (Regardless, exceptional self-funded candidates will still be considered.)

We are looking for up to two postdoctoral scholars to work on reconstructing the connectome of leech ganglia from which we have recorded the activity of all the neurons during a variety of behaviors. This work has the potential of establishing a unique data set documenting how neuronal connectivity patterns underlie multiple specific motor programs and the behavioral selection between them. Please contact Daniel Wagenaar for more information. A position is also available for a highly qualified and motivated graduate student. For more details, please see this poster (pdf).

March 2018. New protocol in Bio Protocol

The detailed protocol for the experiments in Yusuke Tomina’s recent eLife paper appeared today in Bio Protocol. (The full text and videos can be downloaded without creating an account from my Publications page.)

February 2018. New paper in JEB

Drew Lehmkuhl and Arun Muthusamy’s joint first-author paper on neuronal responses to sensory stimuli from water waves appeared in the Journal of Experimental Biology. Congratulations, Drew and Arun!

September 2017. New paper in eLife

Yusuke Tomina’s paper on double-side VSD imaging appeared in eLife. Congratulations, Yusuke!

September 2017. New paper in the Journal of Open Research Software

A short paper describing our “VScope” software for multi-camera image acquisition and electrophysiology has just appeared in J. Open Research Software.

October 2016. Welcome Mária Ashaber

The Wagenaar Lab is happy to welcome our newest member, postdoctoral scholar Mária Ashaber.

September 2016. Welcome Angela Bruno

The Wagenaar Lab is happy to welcome our newest member, postdoctoral scholar Angela Bruno.

July 2016. The lab has moved!

We are busy unpacking boxes at our new home at Caltech. For updated contact information, see below.

April 2016. Opportunities for postdocs!

Opportunities for two postdocs are available in the lab. If you are interested, or know someone who might be a good match, please contact Dr Wagenaar at any time. [As of October 2016, both positions are filled.]

April 2016. The lab is moving

In the summer of 2016, the lab will be moving back to Caltech, where Dr Wagenaar will lead the newly formed Neurotechnology Center. While I am very excited about this move and the new opportunities it will bring, I am also sad to leave many wonderful colleagues behind in Cincinnati. Here’s to continued collaboration!

October 2015. New paper in the Journal of Experimental Biology

Dr Wagenaar’s Commentary, “A classic model animal in the 21st century: recent lessons from the leech nervous system” has just appeared in JEB.

October 2015. New paper in Frontiers in Neuroscience

Congratulations to John Nagarah and co-authors Annette Stowasser, Rell Parker, and Hiro Asari, whose latest paper just got published. Click here to read all about multi–suction electrode arrays and their application in vertebrate and invertebrate neural preparations alike!

September 2015. The lab wins its first federal grant

I am extremely happy and feel deeply honored to be able to report that the lab has won its first federal grant, an R01 award from the NINDS titled “Elucidating interactions between behavior-generating circuits using functional and anatomical connectomics.” The work will be done in collaboration with Mark Ellisman and Bill Kristan at the University of California, San Diego. Within this project, two postdoc positions are now available.

August 2015. Yusuke Tomina wins fellowship

Congratulations to Yusuke Tomina, who just won a prestigious postdoctoral fellowship from the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science!

April 2015. Andrew Lehmkuhl joins the lab

Welcome Drew Lehmkuhl, our new graduate student!

January 2015. Pieter Laurens Baljon’s paper published

Congratulations to Pieter Laurens, whose paper just got published in the Journal of Neuroscience! Click here to read the latest on stimulus integration in the local bend system.

November 2014. New publication in J. Neurophysiol.

The lab’s collaboration with the group of Victor Pikov at Huntington Memorial Hospital has resulted in a publication in the Journal of Neurophysiology.

October 2014. New publication in Source Code Biol. Med.

The QPlot software package has been published as an article in Source Code for Biology and Medicine.

August 2014. New postdoc and graduate student

Welcome Yusuke Tomina, our new postdoc, and Arun Muthusamy, our new graduate student!

April 2014. Fellowship for Dan Hofmann

Dan Hofmann, undergraduate researcher in the lab, has received a STEM fellowship to support his research this summer. Congratulations, Dan!

January 2014. New publication in PLoS One

Cindy Harley’s latest paper, “Scanning Behavior in the Medicinal Leech Hirudo verbana just got published in PLoS One. Congratulations, Cindy!

August 2013. The lab has moved!

Dr Wagenaar joined the Department of Biological Sciences at the University of Cincinnati as an Assistant Professor. Come visit us in Cincinnati!